Making Your Prints Last

Making your Prints Last

Photographs are affected by light, humidity, high temperatures and atmospheric pollutants, all of which (among other things) can cause fading.

The problem of fading exists more when prints are displayed unframed for a long time (i.e. without protection), such as stuck to a notice board or wall. This leaves the print open to atmospheric gases and light pollution, which over time deteriorates the overall quality of the print. Prints displayed in the kitchen can also be more prone to fading due to the higher temperatures and humidity caused from cooking.

Images will last longer if these causes can be eliminated or reduced therefore we recommend framing your print behind glass as soon as possible to protect from exposure to the air. For optimal results and where possible, images should be kept at normal room temperature away from humid rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, and should not be displayed out doors or exposed to direct sunlight. Prints stored in photo albums will last longer than those which are framed, however try to avoid self-adhesive albums or those with PVC overlays as these may increase fading and discolouration.